Best practice

We strive to utilise all monies earned through carbon offsetting and fundraising activities in the most efficient manner possible to ensure maximum benefit to the environment. We rely on volunteers and the common will of our partners and collaborators to keep our overheads low and the money being invested in projects high. Our aim is to achieve an 85/15 Investment/administration ratio which is recognised internationally as a best practice model.
We act in a fully transparent manner, we are subject to legislative requirements that ensure we disclose all of our accounts and any member of the public can access and review our operational budgets.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in contact with our governance expert and company secretary, Grant Binns -

It should be known that our objectives for climatefirst are to generate money for direct investment in the environment. We are not in this to create personal wealth, but to improve our planets ability to withstand the pressure of human induced climate change.

As it it expressly documented in our constitution all money we generate shall be put to;

(1) a general reserve for the continuation and development of Climatefirst Foundation
(2) Any surplus will NOT be distributed by way of dividend or bonus to members or officers of the Foundation.

Independant Audits

Climatefirst foundation is in it's inaugural year, once established we will engage Price Waterhouse Coopers for a full financial audit, and this information will be presented to the public via this web site.

Our constitution

Our constitution is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

You can read the document by clicking here.

Company Registrations

Climatefirst Foundation Limited is a non profit company limited by member guarantee. The company is registered in Australia.

Australian Company Number: .144 500 489
Australian Business Number : 81 144 500 489
Registered office:
6 Kidgell Street, Stafford
Brisbane, QLD 4053