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Climatefirst is a transparent, action oriented, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping businesses and consumers easily and effectively engage in  practical and measurable sustainability projects.

We are an Australian registered not‐for‐profit company limited by member guarantee with fundraising authority certification in Queensland.

Our enthusiastic founders and team are supported by a committed and experienced advisory panel. While Brisbane is home to our core team, we also have active members in Melbourne, Byron Bay, Singapore, Colorado and New York.

  • Our aim is to make action on climate change simple and accessible to everybody.
  • Our mission is to ba a benchmark of ethical & measurable environmental action.
  • Our vision is to be a trusted leader in creating pathways for effective engagement with initiatives to create long‐term social and environmental benefits.

Climate change is the greatest challenge our civilisation has ever faced. But it’s not too late. We have a unique opportunity to protect our one and only planet earth for future generations to enjoy as we have.

“We believe the next decade will see the movement towards a low carbon economy and environmental sustainability reach a tipping point. Popular consciousness will reject insatiable consumption; traditional ideologies and institutions will be challenged. This decade will set the foundation for a new era of humanity.”

Adrian Vannisse & Werner Murray, Climatefirst Foundation, ABC Carbon Express January 8, 2010

Consume Smart - Make a Difference

We account for the negative externalities of the economic process ‐ that is, the long term costs such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, extinction, pollution and social inequality that are not considered in the shelf price of the products we buy. We work with consumers and businesses to implement a dynamic range of actions that raise mainstream awareness about this and provide ethical services that help pay back the planet and restore these deficiencies.

We encourage people to think about how they consume, the products they choose, to question if the price we pay for something reflects the full cost of making it. This in turn can influence business, suppliers and producers to create more environmentally responsible products and we can start to shift the mindset towards community and sustainability.  

The GOZERO Cup Campaign

gozero-logoThe GOZERO Cup Campaign promotes sustainability by working with major coffee houses and consumers to deliver cost effective environmentally sustainable packaging. The GOZERO cups are customised with graphics and text to promote a message of sustainable living. Additionally micro-donations built into the cost of the cup get distributed to specific biodiversity conservation and carbon emission reduction projects that have internationally accredited environmental and social benefits. read more...

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Point-of-Sale Micro-donations

Our growth will see the implementation of prototype technology we have developed that reports the carbon footprint of a transaction to a consumer, at the point-of -sale, then we provide an opportunity to GOZERO(TM) and balance consumption impacts with mirco-donations. read more...

A good thing...

If there's one good thing about climate change it's that it's forced us as a society to question the way we relate with our environment. We are more informed and aware about our impacts on the planet than ever before.

Over the next decade we have an extraordinary opportunity to rethink the way we organise our communities, economies, and energy systems. We are moving towards a low emissions future that includes much higher levels of energy efficiency and much lower use of fossil fuels.

Along with government and industry, consumers have a fundamental role in this movement. As individuals it's important we take responsibility for what we buy - we're all familiar with messages to reduce, recycle and re‐use ‐ but what about the many everyday goods, services and activities we consume that still contribute to climate change ‐ what can we do about that?Frog


The first and best thing to do is consume less, be more efficient and recycle more (see our Easy Ways to go Green). For those emissions we can't stop we can help the environment by supporting projects that protect biodiversity, reduce carbon in the atmosphere, and assist local communities.


Climatefirst has created 'Offset-plus' - a combination of carbon offsets and eco-investment that ensures a net positive impact to the environment. The GOZERO Cup Campaign illustrates how this works in practice. A micro-donation in each cup creates emission reductions and protects critical rainforest habitat.  

We help balance your personal contributions to global warming and ensure there are real and measurable benefits to the environment. We package this in simple ways making action on climate change accessible to everyone.

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You can make a donation to climatefirst foundation. Any help we get is greatly appreciated. We'll use the money to promote sustainability with awareness campaigns and help the the environment by supporting accredited projects. 

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